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    Counselling with compassion and empathy

    I offer free 15 minute consultations. Face-to-Face consultations (at end of virus )

    I am trained in on-line therapy and can offer consultations via zoom, email, or phone.

    About Me

    I am a registered Counsellor and a member of the Australian Counselling Association level 2. My passion is to help my clients to gain a healthier and happier mental life. My life experiences and my educational studies are complementary to each other. They have given me deep insight into the many difficulties and concerns that happen in someone's life. My credentials include a Bachelor of Arts, a Diploma in Education, a Graduate degree in Psychology and Upgrade in Psychology, a Diploma in Case Management and a Diploma in Counselling. I have volunteered in a number of organisations and have been gratified that I have been able to help many people. My volunteering has included a Primary School, a 3 level Community Village, a Community Centre, beyond blue and Red Cross for example and the age range has extended from Kindergarten to the older generation. Before becoming a Counsellor I was appointed by the Federal Attorney-General as a Civil Marriage Celebrant and presided over many hundreds of services both weddings and funerals and Naming days. I am also an animal lover.


    I try to keep my normal consultation fees reasonable at all times. However, because I know a lot of people are suffering from the lockdown due to the covid-19 virus I would like to offer a consultation rate of $45 per hour whilst things are really tight for most people.


    Consultation fee for 15 minutes free.

    Consultation fee for 45minutes - one person $85

    Consultation fee for one hour - couple $120

    I can accept PayPal or direct bank debit


    Why should you come to see me with any problem or worry you are experiencing?

    Many people think that they don't need a counsellor but life transitions can get the better of them at times. Sometimes life throws a curveball and things become overwhelming. You need someone to talk to who will listen without criticism or judgement and is prepared to walk your journey with you, in your shoes. Counsellors are trained to help when things in life get tough. The client can rest assured that whatever is said is strictly confidential. I am friendly and approachable. Together we will find a solution to whatever is troubling you.

  • Services

    My areas of expertise are Emotional.Freedom.Therapy, Grief, Loss Depression and Stress


    What is Grief?

    Grief is a response to anything that has been taken away from a person and they have not been able to control the situation. It is a change that the person did not instigate. Can be recognised by the variability of mood, - verbal communication, psychomotor activity level, appetite, weeping and sometimes anger.


    What is Loss?

    Loss can occur when a person loses anything that is important to them, such as a job, or the death of a friend, or a pet, or a way of life or their role in life, or financial loss, or loss of rights and freedom.


    What is Depression?

    There are different types of depression. It is more than just feeling sad. It can be a serious condition that impacts on both a person's physical and mental health. When that deep sad feeling becomes intense and goes on for more than two weeks, for example, it is time to seek help.


    What is Stress?

    Everyday life can be stressful but when that stress starts to interfere with a person's normal functioning it can affect the way the person thinks, feels, and an inability to relax. Stress is not anxiety nor is it depression. However, ongoing stress can become a risk factor for anxiety or depression.

    Emotional Freedom Therapy

    What is EFT?

    Emotional Freedom Therapy is sometimes described as psychological acupuncture or Tapping. The body has certain areas called meridians and by tapping on those meridians coupled with a lead in sentence it will ease and relieve pain. It is a therapy that has undergone intensive research and it has been long known that the brain controls the body's functions . Since the introduction of EFT therapists have used EFT successfully with their clients. EFT is simple to use but has powerful results. It has been proven to relieve a number of mental stresses such as depression and anxiety, loss and grief. It is most beneficial to sufferers of PTSD.

    Couples Therapy

    Pre and Post Marriage


    Couples entering into marriage are going into a new life experience. However, after the excitement of the ceremony has gone couples sometimes find that the everyday things of life not experienced of before marriage may begin to intrude and disrupt their time together. When this happens it is a good idea to talk it over with a counsellor and together the problem/s can be ironed out. When you need assistance and someone to talk to I am just a phone call away.


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    Barbara Lea Bell - at Engadine

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    mobile : 0412 620 699

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